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1Compass Waterproof and Shakeproof9.8Buy On Amazon
2AOFAR Military Compass AF-4580 Lensatic Sighting Navigation9.6Buy On Amazon
3Military Metal Compass Survival - Lensatic Sighting Camo Compass for Hiking Waterproof Shakeproof High Accuracy Impact Resistant with Map Measure Distance Calculator Bubble Level Pouch for Camping9.6Buy On Amazon
4Orienteering Compass - Hiking Backpacking Compass - Advanced Scout Compass for Camping and Navigation - Boy Scout Compass for Kids - Professional Field Compass for Map Reading - Best Survival Gifts8.8Buy On Amazon
5Eyeskey Tactical Survival Compass with Lanyard & Pouch - Waterproof & Impact Resistant - Lensatic Sighting Compass for Hiking (Black)8.6Buy On Amazon
6Sportneer Military Lensatic Sighting Compass with Carrying Bag8.4Buy On Amazon
7Pro Hiking Compass Survival Gear and Equipment – Waterproof8.4Buy On Amazon
8Sun Company TempaComp - Ball Compass and Thermometer Carabiner - Hiking8.2Buy On Amazon
9Emergency Survival Kit, 12 in 1 Outdoor Survival Gear Lifesaving Tools Contains Compass8.2Buy On Amazon
10BBTO 9 Pieces Orienteering Compass Hiking Backpacking Camping Compass Map Reading Outdoor Waterproof Compass for Boy Scout Kids Women (Map Ruler Compass)8.2Buy On Amazon

Table Of Content:

1. Compass Waterproof and Shakeproof

  • Adjustable Resistant Bands with Handles: Includes yellow(10Lbs), red(15Lbs), blue(20 Lbs), green(25 Lbs), black(30 Lbs).
  • Latex tube life is 70% longer than TPE tube: Workout resistance tube bands made of 100% natural latex, decomposable, eco-friendly, non-toxic.
  • Full Body Workout: Use these fitness resistant band set to perform rows, pulls, raises, and fly workout sets to exercise your arms, back, hips, legs, chest, and abdominal region.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The bodylastic resistance bands are ultra lightweight, Including a carry bag allow you can take it and do exercise anywhere, such as home, gym, office, hotel, beach and travel,etc.
  • Home Gym: Our strength training exercise resistance bands bring you the same benefits of an expensive gym in a convenient and affordable home workout equipment set that lets you target your whole body or specific muscle groups to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Improve Flexibility and look just the way you want to!.

2. AOFAR Military Compass AF-4580 Lensatic Sighting Navigation

  • Durable and Compact: Durable military metal compass.
  • Unique Design: Luminous magnet arrow and dial, aiming line,magnifier viewer,tripod connection,reading eyepiece,heavy-duty zinc die-cast,slope chart.
  • Multifunction: Floating compass dial with 360° scale, adjustable prism lens, waterproof shakeproof.
  • Suitable Activities: Ideal for camping, hiking, adventure, positioning, mapping, etc.
  • Portable – There are waterproof pouch and a black lanyard for putting or hanging the compass, which can keep the military compass near you with a leather belt, or place it in your pocket with a carrying case safely.

3. Military Metal Compass Survival – Lensatic Sighting Camo Compass for Hiking Waterproof Shakeproof High Accuracy Impact Resistant with Map Measure Distance Calculator Bubble Level Pouch for Camping

  • TOUGH-GUY CAMOUFLAGE DESIGN IN STRONG DURALITY】- One will be with you together as a loyal friend; No need to buy another compass in the future, because the survival compass will stand the test of time; Harsh conditions won’t bother it, as it’s built with a high-strength, expertly engineered zinc metal base.
  • SMALL HAND BODY BUT BIG HELPER IN ADVENTURE 】- Wear the compass round your neck with lanyard or place it safely in pouch to carry around, sport pocket compass can handle a wide variety of outdoor tasks, from directional navigation, positioning identification, azimuth measurement and more; Built-in a bubble level to improve its accuracy in leading right direction; Please place the compass on a horizontal level to work and stay away from other magnetic objects for best performance.
  • HIGH-TECH ANTI-SLOPE INNERCORE & HIGH ACCURACY】- Our Upgraded Compass with the special inner core, the dial plate will not slope and touch the cover to cause needle block and decreasing the flexibility or accuracy; Equipped with floating 360° scale dial, sighting hairline to align objects in the distance, thumb ring and vertically adjustable lens prism, you can get a fast and easy accurate reading (up to 0.
  • TRIPOD ADAPTABLE AND MORE】- A screw hole for tripod connection; A conversion chart for angle, gradient, and distance appear on the back of the compass; A rotating bezel ring allows to lock in your bearing to confirm heading in the right direction; And an inch meter on the compass side to measure on the map; One compass only but like a team assembled.
  • HASSLE FREE SUPPORT】- We are always stand behind our Compass, please feel free to contact us if you have any problem, we will reply your email early in 24 hours;Absolutely a good gift choice especially for outdoor enthusiasts.

4. Orienteering Compass – Hiking Backpacking Compass – Advanced Scout Compass for Camping and Navigation – Boy Scout Compass for Kids – Professional Field Compass for Map Reading – Best Survival Gifts

  • Acrylic Baseplate Compass with Azimuth Bearing and 360 degree rotating bezel.
  • Durable and Lightweight Compass for Hiking Backpacking.
  • Professional Advanced Compass for Camping – Orienteering – Hiking – Hunting – Survival – Navigating – Mountaineering – Outdoors – Field Trip.
  • Portable Handheld Compass with magnetic needle and directional arrow, orienting lines compass and lanyard.
  • Real Compass Oil – magnetized needle made by vacuum technology completely filled with a liquid oil.

5. Eyeskey Tactical Survival Compass with Lanyard & Pouch - Waterproof & Impact Resistant - Lensatic Sighting Compass for Hiking (Black)

  • WATERPROOF AND SHOCKPROOF FOR ROUGH USE – The base and cover are constructed with metal for years of durable using.
  • EASY AND ACCURATE READINGS – The floating compass dial has a 360 degrees scale with liquid-filled capsule for stable operation.
  • TAKING BEARINGS EASILY – Build with an optical eyepiece for sighting bearings easily, with azimuth 360-degree and reversed 360-degree scale, you can take bearings from you to the objects or take reverse bearings from the object to you all quick and easy.
  • ALLOW FOR CLEAR READING AT NIGHT – When exposed to enough light, the north arrow and display light up in the dark with fluorescent light, allowing you to see the reading if it is pitch black.
  • MORE FEATURES – A conversion chart for angle, gradient, and distance appear on the back of the compass, and a rotating bezel ring allows you to lock in your bearing so you know you are heading in the right direction.

6. Sportneer Military Lensatic Sighting Compass with Carrying Bag

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: This professional grade military compass will always lead you in the right direction.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The lensatic function increases the reading’s accuracy with a lens on the rear sight that magnifies the card dial – so you’ll always get an accurate reading.
  • MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Tough and tenacious, the military construction with waterproof and shakeproof properties is built to survive the harshest of hikes.
  • PORTABLE: Keep the compass near you with a belt loop attachment, or place it safely in your pocket with a carrying case, so you can keep your hands gripped on the mountain you’re scaling.
  • FLUORESCENT: The compass’ interface glows in the dark, so even when night falls, you can still soldier on.

7. Pro Hiking Compass Survival Gear and Equipment – Waterproof

  • PROFESSIONAL, ACCURATE NAVIGATION YOU CAN COUNT ON – The PREPARED4x survival compass is constructed for perfect directional accuracy, making it an ideal all-around navigation compass kit for adventurers, hikers, campers, preppers, and survivalists.
  • THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL COMBO – This tactical survival kit has the tools you need to accurately navigate the great outdoors: waterproof, glow-in-the-dark, large compass, and paracord neck lanyard made from 35+ feet of 550 paracord and also includes a survival whistle and emergency fire starter.
  • WILL NOT FAIL YOU IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS – In emergency situations, you can open up the 35+ feet paracord to reveal 9 life-saving survival strands installed inside its length (1 fire tinder cord, 1 fishing line, and 7 triple-braided polyester strands you can use as cordage to help tie supports for a shelter, make a bow drill, make trap trigger, lash materials together for ease of portage, and many more).
  • IDEAL FOR LONG-DISTANCE & NIGHTTIME NAVIGATION – Our glow-in-the-dark military compass hiking illumination dial enables you to trek through the great outdoors with confidence, whether in broad daylight or pitch darkness, and with our camping compass mirror sighting feature, you won’t need to lift your eyes from the compass in order to look out over the terrain.
  • BUILT TO BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING – You never know when you are going to be in an emergency setting especially in the wilderness so make sure to tuck this ultimate survival combo into your bug out bag and know that you can confidently navigate your way through any situations with our compass and be prepared for anything with our paracord lanyard.

8. Sun Company TempaComp – Ball Compass and Thermometer Carabiner - Hiking

  • LARGE BALL-COMPASS – Easy to read ball compass shows two readings.
  • EASY-TO-READ THERMOMETER – Cushion-mounted thermometer provides an “at-a-glance” weather report.
  • HANDY CARABINER CLIP – Carabiner allows you to clip TempaComp onto any gear of your choice.
  • SPLIT RING INCLUDED – TempaComp comes with a split ring so you can attach to your zipper and use it as a zipper pull or attach to a keychain for convenient use.

9. Emergency Survival Kit

  • Emergency Survival Kit: Contains 12 essential tools that a survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would need in a portable sturdy case – flint stone and scraper, steel knife, flash light, compass, tungsten pen, mini key-chain flashlight, blanket, 11-function saber card, whistle, wire saw and paracord bracelet.
  • Must-Have Survival Gear: Head out on a hike or outdoor adventure being safe & well prepared.
  • Outdoor survival kit for camping, hiking, climbing, adventures, survival and emergency situations, natural disaster preparation for earthquake, hurricane, snow storm,etc.
  • Gift for lover:Valentine’s Day/ Birthday/holiday/Christmas gift for husband boyfriend men boys sons who is interested in adventure or family who is prepping for camping or hiking or boy Scouts; It’s also an important and practical gear to help develop your children’s ability to survive.
  • Portable and Lightweight: the total weight is less than 1 pound, which will not increase the burden for long-distance travel, and outdoor activities become easy,reduce your travel backpack weight now .

10. BBTO 9 Pieces Orienteering Compass Hiking Backpacking Camping Compass Map Reading Outdoor Waterproof Compass for Boy Scout Kids Women (Map Ruler Compass)

  • Package quantity: package comes with 9 pieces hiking compasses, enough quantity for you to meet your different needs, you can share with your friends or team members when you and your friends having outdoor activities, which can bring a lot convenience for them.
  • Proper size: this compass is in proper size, lightweight and easy to carry, and can be placed in a pocket with a rope, you can also hang it around your neck for children, boy scout, backpackers and women.
  • Material: these orienteering compasses are made of acrylic material, durable to use, not easy to break, light in weight, easy to carry and store, can save your energy during outdoor activities, waterproof and fall resistant, suitable for bad weather and rugged terrain.
  • 360 degree rotating bezel: acrylic baseplate compass with azimuth bearing and 360 degree rotating bezel, the plastic base is thick and durable, pointing to the magnetic north and the numbers on the bezel are easy to read.
  • Wide applications: the compass is suitable for different kinds of outdoor activities and can be applied by both adults and children, it provides precise positioning during hiking, camping, fishing, sailing and other activities without having to worry about losing direction and enjoying the sport.

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